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We are based in Ayrshire and offer a full range of cleaning services which are completed to the very highest of standards. We carry out work nationwide and our licenses and permits comply with current TR19 standards and industry best practices for quality, safety and the environment.


Air Handling Unit Maintenance

At either end of a supply or extract ventilation system there is an air handling unit or extraction fan. The cleanliness and performance of the system can be compromised if debris builds up on the coils in the chambers and on the fan blades…. Read More

Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Kitchen Extract Cleaning is an essential process because Kitchen extract systems have an increased fire, odour, and hygiene risk compared to general air ventilation systems. This is due to the grease, cooking oil and other deposits that build up over time…. Read More


Fire Damper Testing

Fire dampers play a crucial role in a building’s fire safety system. If they don’t operate as designed fire can spread with rapid, lethal results…. Read More


Supply & Extract Ventilation Cleaning

It’s not widely known that the legal requirement with regard to ventilation system hygiene is that the systems are regularly inspected, and the findings recorded. This is a requirement laid down in the Health and Safety at Work Act…. Read More


Deep Cleans

We know you will have a staff cleaning routine/rota in place but no matter how effective your daily, weekly or monthly routines are that your staff perform…. Read More


Ductwork Cleaning

Almost all non-domestic premises have ventilation or air conditioning installed, with ‘ducting’ running through the building. Dust and debris accumulate in these ducts and quickly becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, dirt and mould…. Read More

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    Welsh AssemblyDorset Council
    Welsh AssemblyDorset Council
    Great Ormand StreetMullerInterserve
    Children’s HospitalMullerInterserve
    NHSOld BaileyLoudoun Golf Club
    NHSOld BaileyLoudoun Golf Club


    Thanks so much for the great job you and your guys carried out at the Club. The kitchen looks like brand new again.
    Russell McKee

    Loudoun Golf Club

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